Help for Voice Activation
Method 1 Standard activation method for 3rd party Music Players to serve Google Assistant commands is to tell Google Assistant which player to use:

Play [artist name] on Muzecast Streamer

Unfortunatly Google Assistant does not always recognize the name "Muzecast Streamer".

In that case you can use Method 2 to make Muzecast as a default responder for Google Assistant Voice commands to play music.

Method 2
  • Install Android Auto;
  • Once installed, open Android Auto;
  • On Android Auto Screen click Headphone icon at the bottom;
  • It should display multiple players one of which will be Muzecast;
  • Select Muzecast;
  • Start some playback;
  • Click Microphone icon and tell to play something like: Play Depp Purple;
  • Android Auto should response: Ok, Asking to play Deep Purple on Muzecast;
  • Playback should start from Muzecast;
  • Close Android Auto;
  • Bring Google Assistant by voice or long hold Home Button;
  • Now you can tell the same thing: Play Abba;
  • You do not have to tell on which player to play;
  • Assistant should response: Ok, Asking Muzecast to play Abba;
From this point, any ask to play something, Google Asistant will use Muzecast Streamer to play.